Dear friends *, supporters and professionals of the pole dance,

At the end of 2016, some courageous enthusiasts gathered to form a working group to perpetuate the Swiss Federation of Pole Dance.

The first measures drafted in 2014 to achieve this objective have, unfortunately, not been achieved for various reasons. We have made a clean sweep of this past to focus on the future of pole dance in Switzerland.

Indeed, our sport is in constant progression and the national federations multiply. Recognition by Swiss Olympic is one of the short-term goals. We want to be ready for this deadline and to give the athletes, studios and instructors the means to benefit from logistical support and international recognition.

To achieve this, it is essential to constitute us as a single entity, representative of Swiss diversity and recognized by each of its members. The greater the cohesion and the membership, the better the effectiveness of the future Federation will be.

That is why we are calling for nominations to form a final committee to replace the interim committee and its working group.

Various projects are underway and others are just coming to life. Everything has to be done and the workload will be substantial. We would therefore like to see the election of a committee composed of 7 to 13 members who would represent equally:

  • The three linguistic regions
  • The different groups that make up the community are:
    • Athletes and artists;
    • Studios and self-employed;
    • The instructors.

Any person of full age who lives in Switzerland and wishes to run for a mandate is entitled to appear.

You will find attached the description of the posts to be filled.

The deadline for submission of applications is 31 May 2017.

The election of the committee will take place in June 2017.

If you have time to devote to this project, have specific skills and want to contribute to the development of the Swiss pole dance, we warmly invite you to send us an email containing the following information:


  • Name, First name and date of birth;
  • Places of origin and current residence;
  • Role, function or interest in pole dance and how many years;
  • Brief explanation of your motivations to join the committee.

Please send this information to:


* For the sole purpose of not overloading the text, we will use the generic masculine. But it goes without saying that we are a largely feminine universe!