Reference Athlete Switzerland 2022-2024

The role of the Swiss Athlete of Record is to act as the spokesperson for his or her country’s athletes vis-à-vis the IPSF.

This involves receiving, understanding and relaying athletes’ requests to the IPSF, in particular concerning the Points Code and IPSF regulations.

The Swiss Reference Athlete is responsible for representing the interests of all Swiss athletes at the commissions (meetings) of all the Reference Athletes in each country.

Please note that this is not a role to coach athletes in the construction of their competition program, for example, but rather to receive their complaints and requests for modifications to the rules and Points Code.

Maybe it’s you…

The mission of an IPSF Athletes’ Commission (hereinafter “Commission”) is:
  • To represent the views and opinions of athletes, ensuring that their voice is heard within the IPSF;
  • Inform athletes about IPSF activities (educational tools, rules and regulations);
  • Collaborate with and support the IPSF in its mission to develop and promote sport;
  • Encourage national federations to develop athlete commissions.
The Commission’s objectives are as follows:
  • Consider athlete-related issues and provide advice to the IPSF;
  • Be actively involved in initiatives and projects that protect and support athletes;
  • Represent athletes’ rights and interests and make related recommendations (e.g. appointment of arbitrators by the International Council of Arbitration for Sport (ICAS));
  • Consult athletes when evaluating the rules and regulations of their respective sport and, subsequently, provide feedback to the IPSF;
  • Maintain contact with the IOC Athletes’ Commission, if necessary.