Swiss Pole & Aerial Sports Championships 2024 (SPAC2024)

The SPSF would like to thank you for your participation, commitment and fair play. During the debriefing with our Chief Judge, among the many positive aspects reported, she emphasized the family atmosphere she perceived during our competition.

SPAC 2025

The dates for the 2025 Swiss Championships will be May 29-31, 2025.

The Swiss federation would like the Swiss championships to be held in Berne, Zurich or Thune. The organizing committee is always made up of local people and members of the SPSF executive committee. As the organization is very specific, it is necessary for future members of the organizing committee to participate in an edition as members beforehand. As no bid was received for the 2024 event, the 2025 edition will once again be held in Geneva. In the hope that German-speaking representatives will apply to organize the 2026 nationals, the current committee is looking forward to this new collaboration.

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