Pole & Aerial Sports competitions in Switzerland

In addition to organizing the Swiss Pole & Aerial Championships (SPAC), under the aegis of the International Pole & Aerial Sports Federation (IPSF), it is also the federation’s responsibility to support its members by enabling the evolution of healthy and appropriate practice. With the number of Swiss athletes growing rapidly from 2019 onwards, at both youth and adult levels, the SPSF strongly supports all forms of Pole & Aerial Sports competition on Swiss territory.

Every year, Switzerland hosts a number of national and international competitions in pole and related disciplines. From the amateur to the elite, from 7 to 77 years of age, everyone can now find a competition that allows them to express themselves on stage and share their passion with the public. The Swiss National Championships (SPAC) are the benchmark, aiming for excellence and elitism, which are not ideal conditions for an introduction to the world of competitions, given the demanding judging system and scoring criteria, which are identical for all levels.

That’s why the SPSF recommends that all its members who are already competing or who wish to start competing should, before the Swiss championships (SPAC), try their hand at other competitions, which are often less strict and more suited to their training as athletes.

If you have any questions about organizing competitions or training coaches, please send an e-mail to: info@spsf.ch

Swiss Pole & Aerial Sports Championship (SPAC)The Swiss national championships are organized each year in accordance with the standards and requirements of the Swiss Football Association. International Pole Sports Federation. In this competition, the emphasis is on the athletic and sporting aspect of the discipline, with athletes having to create a choreography made up of imposed figures and meeting the rules of the IPSF Code of Points.

PACA Studio (from 2024): The aim of the “PACA Studios” competitions, starting in 2024, is to set up a circuit of small-scale competitions, requiring minimal organization and using the studios’ infrastructure to provide stage and experience moments for Swiss competitors at all levels. These competitions will not only enable competitors to “hone” their performances for bigger championships, but also to perform throughout the year in more relaxed, less formal conditions than competitions such as the annual Swiss championships.

PACA Lausanne and PACA Fribourg : Competition specially designed around AMATEURS in pole and hoop!!! Under the impetus of the SPSF, the PACA competitions meet a necessity; To offer springboard spaces for the artists and athletes of tomorrow! Since the first edition in 2021, the PACA competitions have seen over 300 amateurs aged 7 to 54 tread the stage. More and more enthusiasts want to set new challenges for their practice, and these include taking part in competitions or shows. The PACA competitions are there to meet this need and to accompany the artist in you under the spotlight of the stage.

Pole Theater Switzerland: Certainly the most entertaining competition today! Tell your story on stage in 4 categories: pole art, pole drama, pole comedy and pole classic. This competition takes place every year in Lausanne. Pole Theatre is an event concept that combines the beauty of a show with the thrill of a competition. Held in many cities around the world and highly regarded in the industry, it is open to amateurs and professionals alike. Highlighting the artistic and theatrical character of the performances as much as the high-level physical prowess, this innovative concept is impressive, original and entertaining, even for the uninitiated.

PSO European Edition: Every year in Zurich, the Pole Sport Organization (USA) organizes the European edition of this competition, which gives all dancers, whatever their level, a chance to take to the stage, since there is no selection. Express yourself in the art or sport category, as you wish!