International Pole Sports Federation (IPSF)


The International Pole Sports Federation (IPSF) is a not for profit organisation dedicated to positively promoting pole as an athletic sport. Run by voluntary members of the Pole Sports Industry from across the globe and created to foster the development of pole sports throughout the world, the IPSF supports individuals and national federations to unify the pole sports Industry.

By setting in place format that will be accepted by international sport governing bodies, the IPSF’s goal is for the Olympic committee to recognise Pole Sports as an official sport and to become part of the Olympic Games.



These purposes are fulfilled through the following aims and objectives:

  • To perpetuate, improve, and extend the sport of pole sports throughout the world.
  • To stimulate the interest of people in healthy sport participation through pole sports.
  • To supervise and administer a continuing pole sports programme for the purpose of stimulating interest and developing athletes through careful preparation and planning, utilising existing facilities, resources, and coaching.
  • To unify and coordinate, the efforts of all agencies interested in promoting pole sports, and permit all interested parties to have a voice in the development of the sport in the entire world.
  • To create and maintain research projects that will benefit all parties interested in pole sports.
  • Set in place a format that will be accepted by international governing sporting bodies such as The Olympic Committee which will be recognised as being a high level of excellence for pole sports members around the world.
  • To encourage each country to contribute to and adopt our criteria and have a national federation offering the same high level of support to their own pole sports athletes, judges and supporters with our sponsorship.
  • To establish an effective means of communication for the transmission of useful ideas whereby coaches and athletes will be informed of the latest developments and techniques in Pole Sports.
  • To give prompt attention and consideration to valid suggestions on how to improve the conduct of administration in pole sports throughout the world.
  • To maintain records and disseminate information pertaining to all phases of pole sports.
  • To train and certify competent pole sports officials.
  • To raise money and finance improvement in the sport of pole sports.
  • To operate exclusively for educational and charitable purposes.
  • To follow and actively support the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and its principles and goals.


In order to explicit and clarify this mission, the IPSF set 5 key-goals:

  1. Pole Sports Focus

We want to enable and inspire all coaches, judges, athletes and enthusiasts to enjoy pole sports, by providing opportunities for individuals to engage, develop and realise their potential within all aspects of the sport, regardless of their age, background, ability or disability.


  1. International success

We want our sport to be recognised, internationally successful and represented at the World Games and eventually at the Olympic and Paralympic Games in all aspects of Pole Sports, with recognition for our national and International Medallists and world record holders.


  1. Delivering partnerships

We want to develop strong internal and external partnerships, at all levels, in order to provide opportunities, structures and support for Pole Sports and the wider pole community.


  1. Raising the profile of Pole Sports

We want to publicise and inform the public about the full range of Pole Sports activities, leading to increased recognition, sponsorship, funding, access and participants for our sport.


  1. Athlete support

The development of an extensive pole sports structure and community to support athletes for careers as they transition out of competition. We want to build a sustainable long term future for Pole Sports athletes.


  1. Coach support

We want a cohesive, ethical, inclusive and valued coaching system where skilled coaches support pole athletes at all stages of their development


  1. Anti-doping

To maintain an Anti-Doping Programme in accordance with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Code, the gold standard in fairness, equality, and integrity across all sports and all countries.


  1. Govern & regulate

To fairly and comprehensively govern and regulate Pole Sports, from an international perspective, in all countries and continents.


Stay up to date with the IPSF activities by checking the website of the International Pole Sports Federation and following her Facebook and Instagram accounts (@ipsfpolesports).