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The Swiss Pole Sports Federation (SPSF) would like to welcome you to its official website. Our mission is to support athletes and practitioners, training centers and provide information on the development of the disciplines that make up Pole & Aerial Sports.

It’s time for a change! One of the SPSF’s major missions is to get Pole & Aerial Sports recognized by Swiss Olympic and, perhaps one day, represented at the Olympic Games. The goal for 2024 is to have over 1000 members to apply for membership of the Swiss Olympics administrative board (the body representing the National Olympic Committee in Switzerland).

How can you help ?

Become a Practitioner member (CHF 20.- /year) today and keep your commitment next year. It’s important to have you as a member when we submit our application in 2024!

What benefits for you ?

  • Thanks to your contribution, together we can take an important step towards the Olympic Games!
  • Enjoy discounts with partners who believe in us!
  • Get involved in the fabulous Swiss Pole & Aerial community! Access a wealth of information, camps and news on pole and related disciplines.
  • Access our network of therapists, coaches and all the advice you need for your practice.
  • All the details on the members’ page…

After movie of the Swiss Pole & Aerial Sports Championships 2023 in Geneva

The Swiss Pole Sports Federation (SPSF) is a non-profit, all-volunteer association dedicated to the national promotion of Pole & Aerial Sports as a sporting and athletic discipline, offering support to athletes, coaches, judges and enthusiasts throughout Switzerland.

The federation is a member of the International Pole Sports Federation (IPSF). As the governing authority for pole sports at international level, the IPSF has set up a structure for national and international competitions, as well as a teaching and coaching program now recognized by international sporting authorities. The IPSF has been awarded Observer status by the GAISF (Global Association for International Sport Federations) and is a member of the World Antidoping Association (WADA) worldwide anti-doping program.

At national level, the Swiss Pole & Aerial Sports Federation aims to join the circle of Swiss sports federations that are members of the National Olympic Committee (NOC), represented by the umbrella association Swiss Olympic.

The Swiss Pole & Aerial Sports Championships are held every year in our country, and are an integral part of the worldwide circuit of IPSF national competitions, currently organized in 26 countries and bringing together over 10,000 athletes worldwide.

Visit our “Swiss Championships 2024” page to find out all about the categories represented at this event. Each year, the best Swiss athletes in the elite division, in each of these age categories, are selected to represent Switzerland at the annual World Pole Sports IPSF Championships. The scoring system for national and international championships has been carefully developed by the IPSF Committee to guarantee fair and transparent judging for all athletes (code of points).

In case you would more information about the activities of the Swiss Pole Sports Federation, please contact us !