Annual ranking of Swiss athletes

The annual ranking of Swiss athletes is a totally innovative program for promoting athletes and artists taking part in competitions in Switzerland and abroad. From 2024 onwards, the federation will adopt a more inclusive stance that is more conducive to the development of Pole & Aerial Sports practice, with the work of athletes and artists valued within a wider panorama of discipline practice.
  • Accessible to amateurs and elite athletes alike;
  • All competitions are automatically recognized and earn points;
  • Your hard work and personal investment are rewarded with prizes and gifts at an annual ceremony.

Athletes are ranked on the basis of a full season (January 1 to December 31), and the best will be rewarded at an official ceremony for their contribution to the development of the discipline and their investment. SPSF hopes to have this valorization program up and running by 2024.

The best athletes will be rewarded according to their age category: Novice, Junior, Senior and Master. There is no distinction between divisions.

Individuals are ranked on the basis of a points system which is awarded, firstly, for simple participation and, secondly, according to their final ranking in the competition.

The annual rankings are not to be confused with the titles that Swiss athletes can achieve, such as Swiss Champion at the Swiss Pole & Aerial Championships (SPAC).