IPSF Swiss Champions

Find the names of athletes who have won a Swiss championship title in one of the two most prestigious divisions of Pole & Aerial Sports, and this, since 2014.

  • Elite division for Pole Sport, Aerial Pole Sport or Aerail Hoop Sport disciplines.
  • Professinal division for the disciplines of Artistic Pole, Artistic Aerial Pole, Artistic Hoop Aerial.
2024Aerial Hoop SportsElite – Master +40y WomenMélody BacherGeneva
2024Aerial Hoop SportsElite – Double Senior +18y W/WAmélia Bucher/Elisa AmherdGeneva
2024Aerial Hoop SportsElite – Doubles Youth 10-17y W/WMaélie Lenweiter/Cléa BoandGeneva
2024Aerial Hoop SportsElite – Novice 10-14y WomenMalia PasquiniGeneva
2024Aerial Hoop SportsElite – Senior 18-29y WomenAmélia BucherGeneva
2024Aerial Hoop SportsElite – Senior 30-39y WomenTatiana OdagiuGeneva
2024Pole SportsElite – Junior 15-17y FemaleChiara GayGeneva
2024Pole SportsElite – Senior 18-29y WomenSelenah VicoGeneva
2024Pole SportsElite – Senior 18-29y MenKevin LopesGeneva
2024Pole SportsElite – Senior 30-39y WomenKim GartmannGeneva
2024Pole SportsElite – Novice 10-14y FemaleTiméa BühlerGeneva
2024Pole SportsElite – Master 40+ WomenTamara HunzikerGeneva
2024Pole SportsElite – Doubles Youth 10-17y W/WBuhler Timéa/Chiara GayGeneva
2024Pole SportsElite – Doubles Senior +18y W/WSandra De Sloovere/Leonie De SloovereGeneva
2024Artistic PoleProfessional – Junior – 14-17y FemaleMaya CorbelliGeneva
2024Artistic PoleProfessional – Senior – 18-29y WomenJessica Da Silva AraujoGeneva
2024Artistic PoleProfessional – Senior – 30-39y MenYvan AyerGeneva
2024Artistic PoleProfessional – Senior – 30-39y WomenLéonie De SloovereGeneva
2024Artistic PoleProfessional – Masters – +40y WomenSometti DianaGeneva
2024Artistic PoleProfessional – Doubles – Senior – +18y MixedMarie-Caroline PiottonGeneva
2024Artistic PoleSemi-Professional – Doubles – Senior – +18y MixedMurielle Rise & Lara ScharffensteinGeneva
2024Aerial Pole ArtisticProfessional – Junior – 14-17y FemaleNola CarrelGeneva
2024Aerial Pole ArtisticProfessional – Senior – 18-29y WomenAmandine MarchonGeneva
2024Aerial Pole ArtisticProfessional – Senior – 30-39y WomenJoana SennGeneva
2024Aerial Hoop ArtisticProfessional – Junior – 14-17y FemaleAlisa ShtanhieievaGeneva
2024Aerial Hoop ArtisticProfessional – Senior – 18-29y WomenMathilda VuilleGeneva
2024Aerial Hoop ArtisticProfessional – Senior – 30-39y WomenEmi VautheyGeneva
2024Aerial Hoop ArtisticProfessional – Masters – +40y MixedStéphanie PierretGeneva
2023Artistic PoleProfessional – Doubles Senior 18+ MixedMarie-Caroline Piotton / Gaëlle GanderGeneva
2023Artistic PoleProfessional – Junior 15-17y MixedNola CarrelGeneva
2023Artistic PoleProfessional – Senior +18y MenYvan AyerGeneva
2023Artistic PoleProfessional – Senior +18y WomenValeria Gonzalez PonceGeneva
2023Artistic PoleProfessional – Master +40y WomenSandra VincentGeneva
2023Pole SportsElite – Doubles Youth 10-17y W/WLénie Raval / Maélie OdietGeneva
2023Pole SportsElite – Doubles Senior +18y W/WSandra De Sloovere / Léonie De SloovereGeneva
2023Pole SportsElite – Novice 10-14y FemaleEmilie PenelGeneva
2023Pole SportsElite – Junior 15-17y FemaleLénie RavalGeneva
2023Pole SportsElite – Senior 18-29y WomenJulia VieliGeneva
2023Pole SportsElite – Senior 30-39y WomenKim GartmannGeneva
2023Pole SportsElite – Master 40+ WomenCéline ReverchonGeneva
2023Aerial Pole SportsProfessional – Senior 18-39y MenYvan AyerGeneva
2023Aerial Pole SportsProfessional – Junior 15-17y MixedNola CarrelGeneva
2023Aerial Hoop SportsElite – Doubles Youth 10-17y W/WCléa Boand / Maélie LenweiterGeneva
2023Aerial Hoop SportsElite – Doubles Senior +18y W/WAmélia Bucher / Elisa AmherdGeneva
2023Aerial Hoop SportsElite – Novice 10-14y WomenAlisa ShtanhieievaGeneva
2023Aerial Hoop SportsElite – Junior 15-17y WomenMaëlle Breton-MöriGeneva
2023Aerial Hoop SportsElite – Senior 18-39y WomenAmélia BucherGeneva
2023Aerial Hoop SportsElite – Master +40y WomenMelody BacherGeneva
2023Artistic Aerial HoopProfessional – Doubles Senior +18y MixedJessica Da Silva Araujo / Deborah SttretGeneva
2023Artistic Aerial HoopProfessional – Junior 15-17y MixedZohra Afifi-El-AlamiGeneva
2023Artistic Aerial HoopProfessional – Senior 18-39y WomenEmilie GrosjeanGeneva
2023Artistic Aerial HoopProfessional – Master +40y – MixedDiana SomettiGeneva
2022Pole SportsElite – Doubles Junior 15-17y W/WChevalley Noémie / Chassot EmmaBiel
2022Pole SportsElite – Doubles Senior +18y M/WGander Gaëlle / Ben said SlimBiel
2022Pole SportsElite – Senior 18-29y WomenMoscaritolo RomaneBiel
2022Pole SportsElite – Senior 30-39y WomenGartmann KimBiel
2022Pole SportsElite – Masters 40-49y WomenReverchon CélineBiel
2022Pole SportsElite – Masters +50y WomenChèvre MireilleBiel
2022Pole SportsElite – Masters +50y MenImesch BenoitBiel
2022Pole SportsElite – Novice 10-14y MenRista MathéoBiel
2022Pole SportsElite – Novice 10-14y WomenTrutmann VanessaBiel
2022Pole SportsElite – Senior 30-39y MenBen said SlimBiel
2022Pole SportsElite – Doubles Junior 15-17y W/WRaval Lénie / Maélie OdietBiel
2022Pole SportsElite – Doubles Senior +18y W/WDe Sloovere Léonie / Moscaritolo RomaneBiel
2022Pole SportsElite – Junior 15-17y WomenMarchon AmandineBiel
2022Aerial Hoop SportsElite – Senior 18-39y WomenMartin MarieBiel
2022Aerial Hoop SportsElite – Masters +40y WomenBacher MelodyBiel
2022Aerial Hoop SportsElite – Novice 10-14y MixedGay ChiaraBiel
2022Aerial Hoop SportsElite – Junior 15-17y MixedSelenah VicoBiel
2022Aerial Hoop SportsElite – Senior Doubles +18y W/WBucher Amélia / Ahmerd ElisaBiel
2022Artistic Aerial HoopProfessional – Doubles Senior +18y MixedHeim Sara / Sabrina PostiguilloBiel
2022Artistic PoleProfessional – Doubles Senior +18y MixedImesch Benoit / Ben Said SlimBiel
2022Artistic PoleProfessional – Senior +18y MenAyer YvanBiel
2022Artistic PoleProfessional – Senior +18y WomenFusi AlessandraBiel
2021Aerial Hoop Sports (virtual edition)Elite – Novice 10-14y WomenGay ChiaraNeuchâtel
2021Aerial Hoop Sports (virtual edition)Elite – Senior 18-39y WomenNatarelli AlessiaNeuchâtel
2021Artistic Aerial Hoop (virtual edition)Professional – Senior 18-39y WomenSahan KatlineNeuchâtel
2021Artistic Pole (virtual edition)Professional – Master +40y WomenVincent SandraNeuchâtel
2021Artistic Pole (virtual edition)Professional – Senior 18-39y MenAyer YvanNeuchâtel
2021Artistic Pole (virtual edition)Professional – Senior 18-39y WomenMussi TaniaNeuchâtel
2021Pole Sports (virtual edition)Elite – Doubles Senior +18y W/WMoscaritolo Romane / De Sloovere LéonieNeuchâtel
2021Pole Sports (virtual edition)Elite – Junior 15-17y WomenMarchon AmandineNeuchâtel
2021Pole Sports (virtual edition)Elite – Master 40-49y WomenReverchon CélineNeuchâtel
2021Pole Sports (virtual edition)Elite – Novice 10-14y WomenTrutmann VanessaNeuchâtel
2021Pole Sports (virtual edition)Elite – Senior 18-39y WomenGartmann KimNeuchâtel
2019Pole SportsElite – Doubles Novice 10-14y W/WLéonie Kohler / Tylaï-Jylean PoseLausanne
2019Pole SportsElite – Doubles Senior +18y M/WGaëlle Gander / Luca BardinoLausanne
2019Pole SportsElite – Doubles Senior +18y W/WCamille Prenez / Céline ReverchonLausanne
2019Pole SportsElite – Junior 15-17y WomenRomane MoscaritoloLausanne
2019Pole SportsElite – Master +50y MenBenoit ImeshLausanne
2019Pole SportsElite – Master 40-49y WomenCéline ReverchonLausanne
2019Pole SportsElite – Novice 10-14y WomenLéonie KohlerLausanne
2019Pole SportsElite – Senior 18-39y WomenKim GartmannLausanne
2018Artistic PoleProfessional – Junior 15-17y WomenMoscaritolo RomaneLausanne
2018Artistic PoleProfessional – Senior 18-39y WomenMussi TaniaLausanne
2018Artistic PoleProfessional – Senior 18-39y MenBardino LucaLausanne
2018Pole SportsElite – Doubles Senior +18y W/WPrenez Camille / Reverchon CélineLausanne
2018Pole SportsElite – Junior 15-17y WomenArifi NoémieLausanne
2018Pole SportsElite – Master +40 WomenReverchon CélineLausanne
2018Pole SportsElite – Novice 10-14y WomenMoscaritolo RomaneLausanne
2018Pole SportsElite – Senior 18-39y WomenDe Sloovere SandraLausanne
2018Pole SportsElite – Senior 18-39y MenHeritier AlanLausanne
2017Pole SportsElite – Novice 10-14y WomenMoscaritolo RomaneOPEN, Allemagne
2016Pole SportsElite – Doubles Senior +18y W/WGander Gaëlle & Kohler ManonGenève
2016Pole SportsElite – Junior 15-17y WomenStampbach ClémentineGenève
2016Pole SportsElite – Novice 10-14y WomenMoscaritolo RomaneGenève
2016Pole SportsElite – Senior 18-39y WomenDe Sloovere SandraGenève
2016Pole SportsElite – Senior 18-39y MenHéritier AlanGenève
2015Pole SportsElite – Doubles Senior +18y W/WDe Sloovere Sandra / Prenez CamilleGenève
2015Pole SportsElite – Junior 15-17y WomenStampbach ClémentineGenève
2015Pole SportsElite – Novice 10-14y WomenMoscaritolo RomaneGenève
2015Pole SportsElite – Senior 18-39y WomenDe Sloovere SandraGenève
2015Pole SportsElite – Senior 18-39y MenFernandes HelioGenève
2014Pole SportsElite – Doubles Senior +18y W/WGraber Noémie / Bahrami MandyGenève
2014Pole SportsElite – Senior 18-39y WomenCurchod AnaïsGenève
2014Pole SportsElite – Senior 18-39y MenKoenig OlivierGenève