The Swiss Federation is now an IPSF member !

Dear members, dear studios and pole lovers, 

We are very happy to announce that, on August 14th 2017, the International Pole Sports Federation (IPSF) has accepted the membership application of the Swiss Federation (SPSF). Switzerland is thus joining the other 29 members of the IPSF ! 

The SPSF is looking forward to collaborate with this international institution, which works for more than 8 years for promoting of Pole Sports with the perspective to see, one day, this beautiful sport beeing represented at the Olympic Games.

This affiliation is also a very important step forward to help re-building our national federation. Indeed, it will deeply help the provisory Committee to reach the 2 following goals :  

  • The organization of a national swiss Pole Sports championship, allowing our athletes to qualify for the World Pole Sports Championship 2018 (WPSC 2018), according to the standards and requirements of the IPSF.  
  • The restructuration of the SPSF, starting with the election of a new permanent Committee, replacing the provisory Committee currently in charge. This election will take place during an extraordinary Assembly, which will be soon announced. All member will naturally be invited to participate.  

We really would like the SPSF to be a useful tool for all swiss pole lovers, no matter their level or implication degree in the pole industry. We also would like to promote actively pole dance across the country.  

We truly believe that unity creates strenght. This is why, today, we would like to invite all of you –pole lovers, studio owners or pole teachers- to join the SPSF as a member. Work with us to establish a useful, strong and well managed national federation ! 


*Why becoming a member ? Because your annual contribution would truly help the SPSF to achieve its goals and develop its activities and services to the pole community:  

  • Communicating and promoting Pole Sports as defined by the IPSF (Pole artistic, para pole, urban pole, ultra pole) at a national level and to a large audience.  
  • Making of the IPSF website a trilingual, sharing and working space between all Swiss studios. We would like this website to be the main source of information about pole activities in the country, by developping an online agenda and directory.  
  • Offering informations and easier access to all IPSF certifications (judge, coach…) 
  • Supporting all Swiss athletes competing or willing to compete at an national and international level.  

Discover now our new website, available in English, French, German and Italian.  

Please note also that all members of the IPSF can now send us per e-mail the informations about their next pole events like workshops, shows or camp. Send us a text with pictures (jpg, 150 dpi) to be uploaded on the online agenda. 


BECOME A MEMBER, SHARE, LIKE and help us creating a Swiss Federation at the service of our passion !