News for 2017…

Dear artists, athletes, pupils, teachers and pole dance studios Switzerland,

Following the meeting on 19 November 2016 in Martigny, we are pleased to inform you that a new interim committee has been appointed for a 6-month term (until 1 June 2017). This committee is made up of Emilie Perrin, Ludovic Roulin, Damiel Wilhelm, Sophie Roth, Anaïs Curchod and Thomas Ruegger. The coordination of this group is assured by Thomas Ruegger who will be assisted by Anaïs Curchod.

The objectives of this new interim committee concern the following points:
– Contact with the entire pole dance community in Switzerland in order to search for candidates for the various positions of the final committee;
– Good management of the finances of the Federation during the mandate;
– The evaluation and setting up of a Swiss qualification at the 2017 World Championships;
– Election of a final committee on 1 June 2017 on the basis of nominations;
– Update of the means of communication of the Federation.

These guidelines were developed based on the agreement of 23 concerted individuals. All these people symbolize 12 schools of Swiss pole dance (including 11 Romande and 1 Swiss German). The Interim Committee is aware that this is a first step is that there is a shortage of German-speaking and Ticinese voices. The Interim Committee is confident that this imbalance will be blurred during the election of the final committee in June 2017.

Please note that from today, the contact person for the Federation is Thomas Ruegger. (


Minutes of Proceedings: English