IPSF Awards 2018

Nominate your favorites swiss athletes and businesses for the IPSF INTERNATIONAL AWARDS 2018 ! 

You have until May 7th to send us the names of people/business that you would like to be nominated for our country :
– Female athlete IPSF 2018
– Male athlete IPSF 2018
– Junior athlete IPSF 2018
– Business of the year 2018
– Life time achievement 2018 / Personality of the year 2018

–> Link to submit your nominations : https://apps.facebook.com/mes-so…/ipsf-awards-2018/0sfMmmcH…

The names of the people/business who received the higher number of votes will be transmitted to the IPSF and contacter to fill up a form, to explain “why they deserve an award”. Nominated people must be active in the pole industry and work actively for the promotion of Pole Sport and the IPSF. A second selection will be made by the IPSF after the forms submission, and the vote will be open for international audience from May to June. The IPSF committee will also be voting. 
The results of the AWARDS will be announced during the World Pole Sports Championships 2018 in Tarragona (S), July 2018.

Please visit this link for further information : http://www.polesports.org/world-pole/2018-awards/