Become a member of the SPSF

Why become a member of the SPSF?

Studio, athlete, independent? The Swiss Pole Sports Federation (SPSF) has for vocation to defend the interests of the Swiss community of pole sports. As the umbrella federation, the SPSF promotes and develops the discipline in Switzerland.

Among its major objectives, the SPSF works for the recognition of pole sports by official Swiss organizations. For example with J+S or Swiss Olympic which represent two important institutions of the Swiss sport world.

In the year 2022, the Swiss federation should have more than 1000 members (practitioners and athletes) and thus more than 25 members (studios, training rooms).

Choose from one of the 4 types of annual memberships:

Adult “Athlete” Member

Adult athlete participating in national or international competitions130.- CHF / year
Youth “Athlete” MemberYoung athlete (-18 years old) participating in national or international competitions90.- CHF / year
“Practice” MemberPerson practicing the discipline as a leisure or physical activity30.- CHF / year
“Studio” member

Structure providing instruction in pole sports or associated disciplines

200.- CHF / year
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By becoming a practicing member and an athlete member you will benefit from the services of the Federation:

  • Athlete members do not have an entry fee for the national championships;
  • Participate in the annual ranking and benefit from prizes and gifts;
  • Access to a reliable and up-to-date source of information on the possibilities to practice your sport in Switzerland;
  • To be informed at all times of the latest developments in the discipline at the Swiss and international level, for example, to be able to follow the news of the IPSF in its efforts to get pole sports into the Olympic Games;
  • Access to information and/or training sessions about the pole competitions in Switzerland and internationally and about the specific requirements of each of them;
  • Access to exclusive discounts reserved to the members of the SPSF by various partners;
  • Participation in the General Assembly of the SPSF with the possibility to express your opinion and/or vote on important decisions for the future of Pole Sports in our country.

In addition for studio members

  • Your studio/self-employed activity listed in the directory;
  • Events relayed in the agenda (workshops, training courses, camps, but also shows and training in Switzerland);
  • Access to information and/or training sessions about pole competitions in Switzerland and abroad and about the specific requirements of each of them in order to be able to advise your clients wishing to participate in competitions;
  • Diffusion of your advertisements on our platform “Employment” to recruit / find work more easily;