Become a member of the SPSF

Choose from one of the 4 types of annual memberships:

Member « Athlete»

Person participating in national or international competitions 50.- chf / year
Member « Practitioner» Person practicing the discipline as a hobby or physical activity 10.- chf / year
Member « Support» Person supporting the SPSF and its practitioners 20.- chf / year
Member « Studio» or « Indépendent »

Structure or persons providing training in pole sports

100.- chf / year

Why become a member of the SPSF?

Studio, artist, athlete, independent? The Swiss Pole Sports Federation (SPSF) is dedicated to defending the interests of the Swiss Pole Sports community. As an umbrella organisation, the SPSF is committed to promoting and developing the discipline in Switzerland.

Among its major objectives, the SPSF is working towards the recognition of the Pole Sports by Swiss Olympic. Such an affiliation will provide athletes with the opportunity to obtain a “Swiss Olympic Talent Card” and will be a crucial step in the recognition of pole dancing as a sporting discipline.

  • By becoming a member, you will benefit from the services of the Federation:Participation and ticketing of the IPSF Swiss Championships at preferential rates
  • Workshops organized by the SPSF at 50% discount
  • Access to a reliable and up-to-date source of information on the opportunities to practice your sport in Switzerland
  • Access to an up-to-date directory of all Swiss studios offering pole courses; your studio/teaching activity is listed in the directory, constantly updated and allows you to win new members
  • Access to a “Classified Ads” platform to view/drop an ad for work, equipment or other items.
  • Access to the agenda of workshops, internships, camps, but also shows and training in Switzerland; as an organizer, you gain visibility and increase your customer potential.
  • Access to exclusive discounts reserved for SPSF members by our various partners, especially when organizing your events
  • Access to information on pole position competitions in Switzerland and abroad and on the requirements specific to each of them. Be able to ask for help at any time if there are any questions related to them.
  • Facilitated access to IPSF certifications, such as Level 1 – Coach training certification, which provides a better understanding of how the Points Code used for Pole Sports competitions works.
  • To be informed at all times of the latest developments in our discipline at the Swiss and international level, for example, to be able to follow the news of the IPSF in its efforts to bring Sports Poles into the Olympic Games
  • To actively participate in the life of the pole community in Switzerland and to be able to invest voluntarily in its development when you wish, or simply by having the opportunity to express your opinion and/or vote on important decisions for the future of the Sports Cluster in our country, during the Annual General Assembly.