The Swiss Pole Sports Federation (SPSF) exists since 2013. Since December 29th 2016, the federation is a non profit organization.

The SPSF is formed by several kinds of members and by a 2 levels Committee. This new organization in 2 levels is the true force of the SPSF !



The administrative field is managed by a group of 5 persons minimum, under the designation of “Administrative Committee”. All members of this Committee should match several criteria such as having a good availability and the possibility to be present for all meetings. The main task of the Administrative Committee is to coordinate the SPSF, to ensure the application of all voted directives, and finally to be the point of contact with the International Pole Sports Federation (IPSF).



Projects & Antidoping

Athlete representative

Members and partnerships

Local representatives coordinator


Thomas Ruegger Camille Prenez Fiona Frick Cathy Moscaritolo-Jolidon Virginie Cochard Adélaïde Schläpfer Benjamin Merlo
Lausanne Lausanne Geneva Delémont Lausanne Zürich Lausanne


In order to ensure this coordination, the Administrative Committee will be supporter by an undefined number of “Local representatives”. As integral parts of the Administrative Committee, thos representatives should be consulted for any important decisions. Neverless, their activities inside the SPSF is defined as “semi-participative” because they’re not involved in the daily administrative management of the federation (which is ensured by the Administrative Committee only).

The goal of this new organization is to optimize the communication of the SPSF activities to all language regions and to limitate the distance problem with the headquarters of the SPSF beeing in Lausanne. The best would be to have studios owners or people showing a deep involvement in Pole sports as local representatives. The role of each local representative is to represent the SPSF, communicating and beeing the point of contact for the members of the Swiss Pole Community to the federation, as well as participating to any important decisions to make.

Local representatives 2017-2018

  • Geneva : Laure Blois
  • Neuchâtel-Jura : Sandra de Sloovere
  • Fribourg: Marilyne Schafer
  • Zurich: Pikun Wilhem
  • Valais: Isabelle Marchon-Strahm

We are still looking for local representatives for several regions. Please announce yourself by sending us an e-mail !