Four disciplines in pole sport

Just like skating, skiing or swimming, pole sports come in different disciplines. For the purpose of competition, the pole sports family is divided into four: Pole Sports, Artistic Pole, Para Pole and Ultra Pole. These are defined by the International Federation of Pole Sports (IPSF), the international umbrella association for pole sports globally.

The studios mainly teach these disciplines to people looking for a fun and recreational physical activity. The practice of high-level pole sports, with the objective of participating in national and international competitions, is nevertheless still in need of more followers in our country.

The disciplines in competition

Pole Sports is judged both on global performance and the way difficult technical elements are executed. Judging is ruled by a “Code of Points” which was drafted in accordance with Olympic standards used for other sports such as gymnastics, diving or figure skating. Pole sports competitions evolve in strict compliance with the standards of the Global Association for International Sports Federation (GAISF) and the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Artistic Pole is similar to Pole Sports. However, this discipline encourages an artistic and creative approach by promoting musical interpretation, choreography and scenic expression. Judged according to the rules of the “Freestyle Pole Series”, this discipline also meets the standards of the GAISF and the IOC.

Ultra Pole embodies the explosive and spectacular version of the sport. The competitions take place in the form of “battles”. Two competitors compete against each other with the utmost originality, acrobatic skills and creativity. They involve the public who is invited to encourage them. Judged according to the “Freestyle Pole Series” rules, the Ultra Pole attracts the most impressive athletes, who are free to create new tricks.

Para Pole is the newest addition in competitions. It is intended for all athletes with disabilities. Judged and governed by the same “Code of Points” as Pole Sports, the discipline is organized according to the classification system of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC). In para-sport, athletes are grouped according to their degree of limitation and the type of disability to avoid that the athlete with the least disability benefits.