Ultra Pole Swiss Championship IPSF 2020

The exhilarating Ultra Pole, the first of the new disciplines, was designed to encourage innovation, embolden creativity, elevate freedom of expression, and escalate ultimate athleticism to attract the most radical and innovative athletes yet. Judged by the new Freestyle Pole Series Rules Ultra Pole is an ultimate trick battle enabling the athlete to trick out against other competitors in battle style rounds expressing the ultimate in acrobatic and creative inspiration and skills.

Every battle lasts for 2 minutes. Competitors have up to 30 seconds to challenge their contestant. Each competitor will be on stage for at least 2 rounds to show off its skills.

Every battle is totally improvised with no predefined choreo.

Rules and registration

The Swiss Ultra Pole Championship 2019 is organized by the Swiss Pole Sports Federation, under the governance of the International Pole Sports Federation (IPSF). This means that all IPSF rules and regulations apply for this competition, including antidoping rules  !

Competing athletes are required to compete according to the IPSF rules and regulations. At the moment, those are available for free in English, French, Italian and German.

–> Rules of participation <–


Ultra Pole Information for Swiss athletes :

Division :
  • No division
Individual categories :
  • Male athletes : over 16 years old
  • Female athletes : over 16 years old

Ultra Pole Information for OPEN athletes (non-Swiss) :

The participation to Ultra Pole competition is not limited to Swiss athletes. Any athletes matching the age limitation can compete.

Qualification for World Pole Sports Championship 2020

In October 2020 – Lausanne (Switzerland)

The best athletes in each category will automatically be selected and then invited to compete at the World Ultra Pole Championships 2020.

The 2nd athletes may be admitted to the WUPC as reserve athletes if the 1st place athlete cannot participate in the WUPC.




Any questions regarding the rules can be asked directly to the IPSF, using the dedicated Facebook group: “International Pole Sports Federation – Competitor Group“. The SPSF and IPSF will no longer answer your question by e-mail.