Swiss Championships IPSF 2022

The pole sports season 2022 is a special edition because the world championships will take place in Lausanne, Switzerland! That’s why the Swiss Federation encourages all confirmed athletes to participate in the 2022 Swiss qualifications so that the colors of our country are the most represented during the 2022 Worlds!

It is important to the Swiss Federation that all categories and divisions are represented by our Swiss talents! That is why we propose a national training in March and April 2022 to all athletes.

In order to prepare the athletes in the best possible way, the Federation is organising a national training session prior to the Swiss Championships which will be held in April 2022.
During this meeting, you will have the opportunity to
– to perform on a stage identical to the nationals;
– to be evaluated under the IPSF regulations.

More information will be provided at a later date.

Athletes, coaches and visitors, we are here to help if you have any questions:

Deadlines and information 2022

Mars 15, 2022 – Registration 2022 (Online form and validation by payment of the registration fee) for Pole Sports, Artistic Pole, Para Pole, Ultra Pole, Aerial Sports et Artistic Aerial

Mars 31, 2022 – Judges check costumes for Pole Sports, Artistic Pole, Para Pole, Aerial Sports et Artistic Aerial

April 24, 2022 – Final deadline for Compulsories, Technical Bonuses and Data Sheet, Music, IPSF Coach Name and/or Chaperone (for Pre-Novice, Novice, Junior) for Pole Sports, Artistic Pole, Para Pole, Aerial Sports et Artistic Aerial

May 14 & 15, 2022 – IPSF Swiss Championships

Details by competition discipline

National Pole Sports, Para Pole Championships 2022

National Artistic Pole Championship 2022

National Aerial Sports Championship 2022

National Artistic Aerial Championship 2022