Pole competitions are very popular around the world. From amateur to elite levels, any pole dancer can now find an opportunity to express himself on stage and to share their passion with the public.

In Switzerland, several competitions have been created in the past years.



*Competitions organized by the Swiss Pole Sports Federation:

Swiss Pole Sports Championships:

The national competitions organized each year according to the International Pole Sports Federation standards. The accent is put on the athletic aspect of the discipline, all competition routines matching the Code of Points rules of the IPSF. Since 2016, the competition is also hosting a parapole division, meant for athletes with a physical disability.

This competition is the only way for Swiss athletes to qualify for the World Pole Sports Championships.

Swiss Artistic Pole Championships :

This competition is more about the artistic aspect of pole sports. Athletes are judged on their technicity but also their creativity, originality and the artistic interpretation of their performance. In opposition with the Pole Sport Championship, athletes are free to build their routine the way they want, without any compulsory moves.


*Other competitions in Switzerland:

Pole Theater Switzerland: maybe the most entertaining pole competitions you may find ! Tell your story on stage !

Swiss Pole Cup: for amateur level only ! Take a chance to gain some stage experience by participating to this new competition.

PSO European Edition: the Pole Sport Organization (USA) steps on the old continent each year to offer an opportunity to any pole dancer to be on stage, no matter the level or experience (no selection). Express yourself in art or sport category, it’s your choice !

Battle of the pole: international pole competition which sees different level and categories on stage for an amazing battle.


The Swiss Federation would like to encourage the swiss pole community to apply for competitions and to have the chance to live this amazing experience ! Most of those competitions require to submit an application video of ca. 3mn showing your skills on both spinning and static pole. Make sure to check the application deadlines and to carefully read the rules applying to each competition !

And if you prefere being a spectator, then we count on you ! Support our athletes and help them making their dream coming true by buying tickets and attending competitions 🙂